Hang Smart

Our Story



The Idea

The Hang Smart idea came about a few years ago while out on a breakfast run with friends and family. Every place visited did not provide a suitable area to store helmets, jackets and gloves while we sat down to enjoy a meal. The result was that there were jackets, helmets and gloves strewn all over the floor, hanging on mirrors or simply left draped over motor cycles. This was the point at which the basic Hang Smart idea was born. Bikers needed a purpose built device to store their kit neatly and securely while biker destinations needed a space saving, neat and easy to assemble storage device for their clientele’s kit.



It was essential that the Hang Smart be constructed with durability, ease of installation and aesthetics in mind.

The product has therefore been manufactured from mild steel with interlocking elements. The black finish is practical and attractive. The chrome finish is classic!.

The Hang Smart takes up minimal space and can be installed in any suitable location.


Where are Hang Smarts needed?

The Hang Smart is needed wherever you find a biker. Install it in the home, in the pub, restaurant or clubhouse. All it needs is a wall, pillar, pole or some other sturdy mounting surface. Some have even been affixed to trees. The products also make great practical gifts.


The People behind Hang Smart

Trevor and Hedi have been in the trucking/service industry for the past 12 years. Their trucking business (TNT Transport) rents out bakkies and trucks (from 1 ton to 8 tons).  Their workshop services bakkies and trucks offering mechanical as well as auto electrical repairs at highly competitive prices. TNT’s client base includes the food industry, event co-ordinators, chemical companies and private clients wanting to move home at a reasonable cost.


The Hang Smart Products

  • HJ 2 This unit caters for 2 jackets, 2 helmets and 2 pairs of gloves
  • HJ 3 This unit caters for 3 jackets, 3 helmets and 3 pairs of gloves
  • Helmet covers in various colours
  • Efficient 100%
  • Creative 100%
  • Diligent 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%